General Questions

1What are payments options available?
First of all your payment is completely safe. You can make payments by almost all the possible ways.
Cheque Cash Net Banking
Credit Cards Debit Cards UPI
PayTM Google Pay EMI Optional
2Net Banking or Direct Bank Transfer Details?
Name : Purple Technosols
Account # 01012000017791
IFSC : HDFC0000101
3How EMI Is possible?
We have multiple tie-ups with banks so kindly contact us if you are eligible for EMI or not. However if you wish for small credit period than you can always make payments via credit cards so minimum 20-25 days credit period you shall avail.
4Integer a placerat at, mollis nunc vel neque sollicitudin?
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5Integer lorem non enim fringilla orci?
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Product Related Questions

1Products are genuine? Covers Brand Warranty?
Ofcourse products are genuine and covers under company/brand warranty. You can definitely carry our invoice and go to company service station and avail the warrant if applicable. If you are not sure where is the service station than kindly contact us with your city and invoice we will support you to with address of service center and get product repaired.
2Vestibulum ante ipsum cursus pulvinar?
Ut fermentum ante ipsum primis in nunc. Nulla vehicula magna diam, viverra diam aliquet mi quam in ligula nunc, dapibus tellus. Vestibulum nibh. Fusce congue. Donec faucibus orci luctus elit, gravida varius nec, mattis vel, orci. In urna. Suspendisse turpis egestas. Mauris auctor dignissim. Vivamus magna. Etiam varius et.
3Nulla lobortis mauris pulvinar felis pellentesque?
Praesent justo. Nulla lobortis mauris pulvinar felis, feugiat mattis vel, ornare tellus. Suspendisse eu dui vitae ornare eleifend adipiscing non, neque. Etiam ullamcorper, risus eu mi. Fusce sed felis. Mauris in faucibus ligula. Nam sed adipiscing sapien aliquet molestie. Phasellus tellus nec diam. Sed eu odio.

Service Related Questions

1Do you provide Installation service?
We do, but depends upon your place is covered under our serviceability area.
2On-Site or Carry-In Service possible?
On certain products we do support on-site service on chargeable basis. Other wise you need to carry in to our office for service.
3Site Visit Charge is applicable?
Certainly site visit charge will be applicable for survey or finding faults in installation. However if its in warranty period its absolutely free. But any changes in placement or likewise its chargeable as installation charges.
4Praesent tristique in accumsan urna eu venenatis nulla?
Suspendisse eu libero et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Fusce ligula. Pellentesque eu augue a quam sagittis a, sollicitudin turpis mauris sit amet neque. Nam ut venenatis nulla facilisis vel, velit. Suspendisse potenti.
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